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Moravian Cemetery grounds will be opened on Mother’s Day from 8:00am to 3:00pm ONLY! Visitors are expected to follow ALL government social protocols. Future Sunday openings will be considered as we assess the results.

For over 250 years, the cemetery of choice for Staten Island families, as well as many people around the tri-state area, has been the Moravian Cemetery. Widely recognized for its beautifully manicured grounds, lakeside view, and natural knolls and valleys, the non-sectarian cemetery offers a setting of beautiful serenity for all people. The Moravian Cemetery encompasses 113 acres, and is the property of the Moravian Church of Staten Island. Its newest development, “The Hillview Mausoleum”, is part of a continuing tradition of expansion and improvement for the community.

We cordially welcome you to visit the Moravian Cemetery. You are also invited to peruse our new Memorial Kiosk and its user-friendly computer system, which puts a wealth of information about our cemetery at your fingertips. During your visit, we will be happy to provide information on any questions you may have about the Moravian Cemetery, often heralded as New York’s most beautiful memorial site.

Moravian Cemetery
2205 Richmond Rd.
Staten Island, NY 10306
Tel: (718) 351-0136

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